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Sunday May 22 at 5pm, via Zoom.

Bay Area novelist and historian Kevin Akers will give a talk about his new novel “Dunnes of Brittas,” an historical novel based on the true story of his immigrant family and their illustrious past.

The illustrious and ancient Dunne family ruled over land in the heart of Ireland since time immemorial. In the manor house known as Brittas, resided the family of clan chieftain, General Edward Dunne. His estate agent and cousin Peter Dunne raises his brood in the servant’s wing. These two related yet very separate branches struggle to secure their futures during the country’s darkest, most formidable years.

As Ireland is crumbling, the West is rising in Golden sunshine. In 1848, San Francisco lures James Dunne and eventually his brother Peter and sister Bridget to literally create a new city out of sand dunes and gold dust. “The Dunnes of Brittas” follows three generations of family who share in each other’s triumphs and tragedies finally discovering that their strength doesn’t derive from their separate branches but their common roots.

Kevin Lee Akers is an award-winning designer, illustrator and author of All Wrapped Up! Groovy Gift Wrap of the 1960s. His interest in Ireland, San Francisco and the nature of family culminates in the authorship of his first novel, “The Dunnes of Brittas.”

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