Upcoming Events

Sunday, October 31, 12pm PST. Tony Bucher on the Mission Dolores Graveyard. Happy Hallowe’en!

The graveyard at Mission Dolores is a tiny, overgrown pocket of one of the oldest quarters of settlement on the peninsula, a setting for a hazy California past that precedes even the Spanish and the Mexicans. Here rest the remains of the first Alcalde of San Francisco, Don Palou, Padre Serra’s second in command, an Ohlone memorial to the hundreds buried there, a smattering of French and other Europeans. The graveyard also shelters the final remains of some three dozen Irish folk, buried between1851 and 1877. In this talk we will present some of the stories revealed by the rough gravestone monuments of the tiny graveyard, one of the oldest intact historical sites of the City, neglected and largely unknown even to the Irish American community.